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About us & our vision

To all who have found time to reach this page and may find worth reading something about us and our vision.

Thank you - Prashanth Ullal.

Now like old school let us not bore you with when we were born and how we reached here. We are here now and you are reading us. 

Now today is the age where seeing is believing. We stay with you on the current date thought process. We believe to be updated than outdated.

We could have taken routes of many kinds to reach here, what matters is that we are here. Maven is the Hebrew word for an "Expert" and to be one, we need to be up to date. So we are.

Thank you for reading us until here. Now this whole website deals with Tourism and Entertainment. We need this so dearly now in the present day. Work load, politics and traffic has consumed our valuable time that otherwise could be spent with family. We appreciate your hard work and have visited this website to choose a vacation with your family. 

When we are on a holiday we must be on a holiday and not negotiating prices and bad experiences. Travel agent in the particular destination and with accurate transparent information is what you will prefer. We believe in the same. 

Our vision is very simple. It's your holiday you need to be informed about how your holiday could be with us. So we INFORM.

Information is the key to any happy holiday. 

Thank you for reading through.

We started in the year 1977 and we have grown along with age.

About us & our vision
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Why Maven Andaman?

Working at Mevan Andaman is bound to be one of the most amazing experiences of your life. The bonds you build, the friends you make and the stupendous learning opportunities you get, are just some of these.

We are a team of achievers. Our folks are ambitious, go getters, fun loving, aware and proactive.

With a strong focus on fulfilling customer needs and service, we are the most trusted online travel brand.

Hackathons, Cricket Matches, Festival Celebrations, Yummy Food Stalls,Surprise Games…. working with us is never boring!

Every view and opinion is heard and respected. We talk to people not their designations.

Join Maven Andaman

If you are looking for excitement and challenge, and are fascinated by the travel industry, we are looking for you! Are you ready for the adrenaline rush of working at Mevan Andaman? Drop us a mail at and we shall get back to you

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